This is Jon Rawlinson's portfolio website. Jon is a filmmaker, cinematographer and editor residing in Vancouver, Canada.

Jon Rawlinson was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Jon’s skills were honed at Vancouver Film School where he was a top student in the New Media program.

Jon then went on to backpack around Australia. For 4 months he worked as a web designer for Presence Online in Sydney.

Jon returned to Vancouver but was unable to sit still for he had a keen desire to do volunteer work in a foreign country. He decided to undertake conservation work in the rainforests of Costa Rica. This included working for 35 days on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean called Cocos Island. After his conservation work Jon traveled through South America, where he shot his first travel video, Quick & Dirty: South America. This piece was later purchased by Yahoo! for use on their adventure travel website.

Jon returned home and worked as a producer and cameraman in Toronto, producing commercials and content for 3 national channels including MSNBC, The Biography Channel and G4TechTV.

He was soon back on the road and backpacked through Europe and Africa. He created a travel blog ( complete with videos to document his adventures.  During this time he shot and produced 15 travel videos for Yahoo! and Current TV. Some of his travel adventures included a Night in the Sahara, a Hot-air balloon ride over Turkey, driving a 911 on the autobahn and a Great White Shark cage dive.

While in Africa Jon created the first ever website for a village in Botswana ( This was created so that people could witness the challenge of controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS in an African village. To date donations to Nata village have exceeded $50,000.  Jon traveled through most of Southern Africa with his good friend Ian McLeod where they shot and produced 20 episodes of an adventure travel series called Biltong for Breakfast.

Jon then moved to London where he and his brother Duncan created the first ever daily travel video website, Later that year Jon and Ian McLeod traveled to the Philippines where they shot and produced a video about the Banaue Rice Terraces for the Discovery Channel.

Jon was hired by the 5-star Intercontinental hotels to shoot and produce tour guide videos in Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Oman, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Bahrain, Qatar, Japan and French Polynesia.

Jon’s past clients include Discovery channel, Yahoo!, Intercontinental Hotels, Current TV, Yellow Pages and American Express.

You can reach him at:

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